Marketing Management BM60009
2 - 0 - 0 : 2 Credits Prerequsites: None

Course Contents :
The course examines the fundamental marketing issues on consumer goods (both non-durable and durable), industrial goods and services. The course examines the basic issues that are necessary to consider while evaluating marketing opportunities, identifying and analyzing relevant segments, selecting attractive target segments and developing the positioning of a product or a service. Coverage of this being pre-requisite for any marketing decisions, the course moves on to the basic issues of marketing mix variables : Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution. It will also reflect on the basic strategy concerning segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Basic concepts of marketing, building customer satisfaction, strategic planning, marketing planning, MIS and marketing research, consumer behaviour, marketing mix, demand forecasting, business and completion analysis, market segmentation, target marketing, product differentiation, market positioning strategy, PLC, Portfolio planning, new product development. Brand Management, Service Decision, Product Service Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Marketing Channels, Physical Distribution,

Communication and Promotion Mix, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion and Public Relations, Sales Force Management. Performance Evaluation of Marketing Programmes, Global Marketing, Rural Marketing, Industrial Marketing.