IIT-KGP has a long and historic legacy of Alumni Giving Back which has existed in different forms. The Graduating Class Gift is yet another chapter to be added in KGP alumni legacy initiated under My Imprint Programme. It is a class-based effort directed towards raising unrestricted funds from students of graduating batch. A part of the collected fund is used for Senior Class Gift while the rest goes towards Endowment. The Endowment would again be utilized for students' services only. It is an opportunity for graduating students to take their first step in being soon-to-be alumni by making their Graduating Class Gift, the gift which impacts student life in the KGP campus. This challenge offers seniors the chance not only to make a gift, but also to leave behind their imprint.

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Brand value of IIT-KGPmore_vert
Brand value of IIT-KGPclose

Your gift would help the Institute in progressing towards being in World's top 20 technological Institute [IIT-KGP VISION 2020]. Institute Ranking increases the value of degrees and so the brand value of campus students as well as alumni across the globe.

Importance of Endowmentmore_vert
Importance of Endowmentclose

Institute's alumni giving rate is an important measure which is used to rank and evaluate IIT-KGP and there is an 80% correlation between World's Top Ranking Institution and their Endowment size.

Alma Mater that changed livesmore_vert
Alma Mater that changed your lives foreverclose

IIT-KGP has provided you with outstanding, academic resources, lasting friendships and countless memories over the years you spent at KGP campus. Now it is your chance to pay tribute to your Alma Mater that changed your lives forever. Senior Class Gift provides you with the 1st chance to give back to Alma Mater to enrich the students' experience of future generation.

Many of us don't realize that government fund can never cover all of the IIT-KGP experiences. If IIT-KGP wants to start a new pre-professional program, support an innovative student project, or expand student life opportunities, philanthropy makes it possible.

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As the My Imprint Program says, "By the students, For the Students", the following 9 options have been formulated by My Imprint Class Gift Committee, comprising of students only. Please click on The Committee tab to see the names of committee members.
The 9 options have been categorized in 3 slabs, according to the sign-ups raised by the Class of 2015 at the end of campaigning. You may make your choice of Class Gift in every slab. So, vote for 3 class gifts, one in each slab.

Adventure Arena
Adventure Arenaclose

An indoor adventure arena could be setup in Gymkhana facilitating activities such as wall climbing and rappelling to provide enthusiastic students an opportunity to pursue adventure sports in campus

Bulletin Screen
Bulletin Screenclose

The class can gift bulletin screen which will be installed at strategic location preferably Main Building, Gymkhana, Nalanda. These will be used for displaying important information and happenings in KGP.

Vending Machines
Vending Machinesclose

Class can gift vending machines which will serve as 24 x 7 snacks and drinks station for KGPians. This will be installed in various strategic location around campus.

Recreation Room in Nalanda
Recreation Room in Nalandaclose

A room solely dedicated for purpose of recreation. It will have indoor games like Table Tennis, foosball, carom, chess

Water Fountain
Water Fountainclose

A water fountain with ‘Class of 2016’ written on a stone/marble structure situated in the middle of the fountain.

Discussion Room in Nalanda
Discussion Room in Nalandaclose

A discussion room in Nalanda Classroom Complex equipped with tables and couches enabling students to hold discussion.

Social & Cultural Hall
Social & Cultural Hallclose

A dedicated hall for purpose of social and cultural activities. It will be equipped with full length mirror walls and quality sound system.

Celebration Centre
Celebration Centreclose

A celebration centre where students can celebrate birthdays and festive occasion. It will have all necessary facilities.

Music Recording Studio
Music Recording Studioclose

It would be the most desirable gift for the students passionate for music. Also it can be used for Institute recording projects.


    Voting in different slabs can be either done through clicking on VOTE NOW button or through ERP. An ERP link would be developed on profiles of all graduating students to vote for their Senior Class Gift.


    Donation can be done by clicking on DONATE NOW buuton. Donations would be captured through ERP. An ERP link would be developed on profiles of all graduating students to donate their caution money.

Committee Members

Pranshu Jain
Students' Alumni Cell G-Sec

Rohan Gupta
Students' Alumni Cell G-Sec

Atal Ashutosh Agarwal
Vice President, Gymkhana

Manish Goyal
Ex-SAC G-Sec

Arpit Gupta
Ex-SAC G-Sec

Punj Rajan
Ex-VP Gymkhana

I am a very simple card.

I am a very simple card.

Sub-Committee Members

Bodhisattya Bhattacharya

Ashutosh Ranjan

Vaishnavi Kommaraju


Shyam Simaria

Anurag Gautam

Madan Gurjar

Aman Verma

Sanjay yadav

Priyanka Jayaswal

Anil Kumar Jangid

Anup Kumar Roy

Jagannath Panda

Prachi Sharma

Tanmay Bagui

Ashok Shaw

Salwa Ali Khan

Tisha Milind Dixit

All Donors will be given Senior Class of 2016 T-shirts.
Alumni Card and Yearbook 2016 for all the Graduating Students.

80% of Class of 2015 voted for the gift in various categories and close to 400 students contributed their caution money.
Class of 2015 voted to gift Campus Benches. These benches will soon be installed around 2.2


70% of Class of 2014 for the gift and close to 350 students contributed their caution money.
Class of 2014 supported International Participation of students.

Office of Alumni Affairs and International Relations

03222 281860

Students' Alumni Cell General Secretaries

Pranshu Jain
+91 9800189955
Rohan Gupta
+91 9800148553